Matt David Johnson
Writer, Director, Producer

Alexz Johnson
Producer, Original Music

Cole Graham
Cinematographer, AP

Production Team

Renata Salles
Associate Producer

Ian Levine

Alec Duhamel

Kevin Hawkins
DIT Technician, Asst. Editor

Marc Webb
1st Asst. Director, Editor, AP

Raman Deol
Costume Designer

Laura Carnet
Script Supervisor

Sarah Moon
Key Makeup


Dermot Shane

Gabriel Lung
Storyboard Artist

Ed Araquel
Stills Photography

Jordan Sy
Location Sound


Gregor Phillips
Sound Design

Brendan Johnson
Original Music

Marko Koumoulas
Composer (Score)

Matthew Chung
Composer (Score)


The inspiration for The Dishwasher came from late nights driving home from my workshop in East Vancouver, British Columbia. Every night after closing I’d drive home and pass young women standing by the roadside, freezing and defiant. It was heartbreaking for countless reasons, and a rare occasion that I would see the same girl twice. As the days wore on, I found myself questioning why someone would choose prostitution as a solution when I realized the answer was in the question—  they felt they didn’t have a choice.

The question then became..., 'What would change their mind?'

Funding for this project was graciously provided by a grant from the Telus Storyhive Digital Shorts Initiative, awarded both through public voting and a select jury process. We shot our film over three days in four locations: The Art Institute of Vancouver, the century-old Gospel Mission in East Van, the wonderfully-grimy landmark restaurant ’Helen’s Diner’ on Main Street, and the night streets of Port Moody railtown. Cinematography by Cole Graham, was shot on the Arri Alexa generously provided by Clairmont Cameras in Vancouver.

I greatly enjoyed experimenting with the use of composition, movement and juxtaposition. In early storyboards, emphasis was placed on creating ‘vignettes,’ and I feel much of that early work is present in the final product. The choice of little-to-no dialogue was also made early on. 

While shot in Canada, our goal was to create a story that would be representative of any city, anywhere, since the underlying issues explored within The Dishwasher are prevalent all across the world. 

Matt David Johnson